"Terpsichori" /Cultural Services of Cyprus

In constant flow from chaos to symmetry and again, five dancers    create ever-changing archetypal images with their bodies, they touch common memories of humanity. In their journey through uniqueness and multitude, they recall familiar though somehow forgotten configurations. Blueprints are repeated, abandoned, questioned, varied. Primordial forms, well preserved within the collective unconscious, reflect upon the primal matter. Time and space are not given, they are being designed anew with light and    sound and movement.

26/05/2015 at THOC /Main Stage CY

Choreography Harry Koushos
Dramaturgy, text Φ Micheli

Dance Costas Chrysafidis, Michail Kriempardis, Nontas Damopoulos, Periklis Skordilis, Ryan Lange
Assistant choreographe Mina Lampropoulou

Sound design Christos Kyriacoullis
Music Christos Kyriacoullis, Henry Purcell
Light design Alexandar Jotovic
Costumes design AlexanderCara
Video production Suzana Phialas
Camera Pavlos Vrionides, Suzana Phialas
Press coordination Thanasis Photiou
Production coordination Yiangos Hadjiyiannis

Sponsored by Ministry of Education and Culture, Cultural Services
Supported by Dance Cultural Centre, Dance Gate Lefkosia, Dance House Lefkosia, Alkmini Theater