A collaboration with the composer Dimitrios Skyllas

Two bold artists of the younger generation, composer Dimitrios Skyllas and choreographer Harry Koushos, come together for the first time to create a work that comments on the timeliness of tradition, and on our relationship with the history of our place. lacrimal explores the expressive power of lament, as well as the images evoked by sounds that are deeply rooted in our unconscious. Nine musicians on stage and forty dancers take part in this ‘journey’, seeking the forgotten live dialogue between music and movement.

The forty dancers resemble an anonymous crowd, a mass left to the uninterrupted flow of movement, alluding to scenes of mass migration. This unending travelogue takes place linearly and consistently. Without overtly focusing on the music, it allows the spectator to think freely about movement. As the crowd moves away, seven bodies remain naked on stage, recalling an archetypal space, or an alarmingly futuristic one. The stage ‘language’ is both elliptical and dense. It aims at an ‘interior rhythm’ that, in reaching a climax, gradually brings to both the performers and the audience the cathartic union of music and dance.

Premier 23/03/2016 Onassis Cultural Centre, Main Stage EL
Other performances 24/03/2016 Onassis Cultural Centre, Main Stage EL

Choreography Harry Koushos
Composition Dimitrios Skyllas
Music Direction Andreas Tselikas
Sets, Lighting Dimitris Nasiakos
Assistant Choreographer Mina Lampropoulou

Dancers Georgios Kotsifakis, Ioanna Apostolou, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Ioanna Toumpakari, Katerina Spyropoulou, Nontas Damopoulos, Periklis Skordilis

Musicians Giannis Samprovalakis (clarinet) Costas Siskos (horn) Andreas-Roland Theodorou (trombone) Thodoris Iosifidis (piano) Spyros Lampouras (percussion) Costas Panagiotidis (violin) Giannis Romanos (viola) Vasilis Lykos (cello) Takis Kapogiannis (double bass)

Crowd Katerina Archodaki, Gabriela Antonopoulou, Anastasia Valsamaki, Marianna Varvianni, Sathis Doganis, Elina Zepou, Nikos Kalyvas, Myrto Katsou, Faidora Kolozi, Konstantina Koutsaftaki, Hara Kyriakopoulou, Alexandra Kostopoulou, Andrew Labner, Evripides Makris, Fotini Markopoulou, Alexandros Metaxas, Giorgos Mihelakis, Konstantina, Barkouli, Ioanna Bisbi, Alexandros Papaioannou, Maria Pasalidou, Panagiotis Politis, Ivi Riga, Stella Spyrou, Giannis Tsigkris, Vaso Florou, Anna Foskolou, Katerina Foti, Katerina Haida, Marilia Haremi, Myrto Haritaki, Kimon Haritakis, Mari Christopoulou

Many thanks to Alexandros Diakosavvas, Giorgos Koumentakis, Evangelia Rantou, Thanasis Fotiou, Kallirroi Papadopoulou, Katerina Archontaki, Rena Andreadaki, Froso Trousa, Giorgos Kollidas, Odysseas I. Konstantinou

Production Onassis Cultural Centre, Onassis Foundation /2016
Production execution Dance Unitiva
Supporter House of Cyprus and Dance Cultural Centre