A pornographic poem

A solo work by Harry Koushos of how sexuality has been redifined through the contemporary pop capitalistic culture and whether sexual relationships today exclude or not a deeper communication between us. If capitalism aims only to constantly increase consumption in a vain attempt to fulfil an unsatisfied desire, to quote Slavoj Žižek to develop “a desire for desire itself”,    how does capitalism defines our sexual behavior or enters into our most private sexual phantasies? Do we today only consume in our sexual lives? Does the inevitable collision of our sexual phantasies, constructed through the pornographic industry, and the intermediation of human communication though social media, allow any room form true and real communication? The aim of the creator is to seek for remains of romance in the dirt of the contemporary civilization.

Creating process: October 2017 -

Residencies: Garage Performing Arts Center, Dance Cultural Centre, Dance House Lefkosia

02/12/2017 Dance House Lefkosia /No_body Festival CY
13/01/2018 Garage Performing Arts Center, Corfu EL
14/01/2018 Garage Performing Arts Center, Corfu EL

Creator, performer Harry Koushos
Dramaturg Eleni Moleski

Special thanks to Frosso Trousa, Marie Cecile-Inglesi, Panos Klouvas, Irene Andronikou
Thanks to George Vasilopoulos, Katerina Foti, Konstantinos Katsoudas, Stavros Ikbal, Tasos Nikas, Christiana Kosiari, Marin Petkov, Mina Lampropoulou, Polyxeni Savva, Konstantinos Koushos, Evangelia Randou, Mary Randou, Arianna Eonomou, Sophia Kalpenidou, Dimitris Nasiakos, Kyveli Kouvatsi, Ioulia Messini, Panos Klouvas, Kostis Daskalakis, Odysseas Ioannou Konstantinou, Orestis Lazouras, Stylianos Gerasimou, Marios Kakoullis, Arianna Economou, Dimitris Chimonas, Kleanthis Rousos, Yiannis Pitsillides, Irene Andronikou, Nicolas Meraklis, Antony Papamichael, Giota Papageorgiou, Arianna Alphas, Ioannis Tsirigotis, Taxiarhis Hanos.

Production KOUSHOS non-profit organization
Supported by No_Body Festival, Dance Gate Lefkosia, Dance House Lefkosia, Dance Cultural Centre, Garage Performing Arts Center